Enhanced Final Product Loading increased net profit by $3.4MM per year on a $115k investment

Bulk material loading of 18 wheelers 

Trucks were regularly being underloaded by 1-2 tons 

Trucks returned to loading area to get more product added to their trailers

9 out of 10 trucks would take 4 trips back to get more product

This reduced the number of trucks that could be loaded per day by 25-30%

Physical conditions wouldn’t allow the installation of a traditional truck scale

Researched and discovered low profile, highly accurate scales that would allow a truck to be accurately loaded the first time within 500 lbs of max weight

Reduction in number of trips a truck had to make to get loaded to max capacity resulted in being able to load 4-8 more trucks per day. 

Product being shipped had a profit of $170/ton 

Each truck carries on average 25 tons

At 4 more trucks per day, net profit for 200 loading days per year was $3.4MM

Cost to install scales ~ $115,000.00 one time.