We are a group of family and friends that are tired of seeing business owners struggle to sell their businesses.

They are ready to retire.

They want to sell their business for a price they deserve.

Sadly, most business owners have WAY over estimated the value of their business.

They only find out their expectations are way too high when they get a business valuation as they start the sales process.

The traditional sales process has the buyer pitted against the seller in a cat and mouse game…the buyer wants to buy the business for the lowest price and the seller wants to sell for the highest price.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe the traditional way to buy and sell businesses is broken.

We think there’s a better way:

  • Where the business owner is in complete control of the transitioning of his business to a new owner.

  • Where the business owner doesn’t have his financial statements flying all over the internet after someone signs a NDA.

  • Where the business owner isn’t at risk of his competition, customers and employees finding out the business is for sale

  • Where the business doesn’t lose 30% of its customers upon a transition to a new owner as is typical after a sale.

  • Where the business owner doesn’t give away his business for less than he wants to.

  • Where the business owner doesn’t have to figure out on their own how to increase the value of their business

The whole process of selling a business is broken, antiquated and is way past due for an upgrade.

And we have one.

Browse through our website and see what we’ve got cooking.

We think that business owners will love what we are doing.

We believe that our approach to selling a business will disrupt an industry that is hugely unregulated.

contact Bret at bret@buskel.com to schedule your free consultation.